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About Us

This is POPARAZZI you'll be chasing

If you are craving the crunchy, satisfying flavor of kettle corn, let Poparazzi Kettle Corn handle your craving. We crafted our recipe to create the perfect balance of savory and sweet flavors. Try our flavored kettle corns or stick with the satisfying traditional. 

Why we do What We Do?

The reason is our customers 

When you tell us how amazing our kettle corn is and how it is the best you have ever eaten  - well that is all we need to hear.

Our Story

In the fall of 2011, we bought our first kettle corn equipment after deciding to get out of the roasted corn business. We had tried many different kettle corn products, but never found one to meet our standards. The following summer the quest began to make the very best kettle corn. We developed our secret formula for the best kettle corn after trying a variety of mushroom seed and different oils to produce the very best product. After we perfected the formula we upgraded to a larger kettle to produce more kettle corn and our customized look. In 2016 we expanded our business when we purchased our mobile unit so we can keep our customers happy.

We know our product speaks for it's self. After the first bite you will be hooked and understand why we say it's

2017 - 2019 We expanded our business by adding another trailer and we became a vendor at the Great NEW YORK STATE FAIR.

2021 Growing again with our web site and our mail order business to keep our customers supplied with kettle corn when they can't get to our events. We returned to the NEW YORK STATE FAIR after the year off because of the pandemic. We are excited to be returning to the all new 18 day New York State Fair.



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